Access Management
Platform Permissions

Platform Permissions

Platform permissions settings allow you to regulate access based on user roles or restrict users with specific roles from accessing certain platform resources.

In addition to core features like user management, ROQ also provides numerous platform resources or features when generating a B2B SaaS application. The resources or features provided initially are determined by the choices made during the application setup within ROQ's AI generator. For example, within the ROQ AI generator, you can opt to include a File & Chat system in the generated application.

Access to these addon platform features for specific roles is managed through the platform permissions settings.

platform permissions setting

Within the platform permissions section, you can grant and restrict access for a given role to a particular entity. Furthermore, you can control the operational permissions or access levels for this entity, as well as define the scope of this access.

For instance, if you wish to grant a role access to certain features within the chat system, such as:

  • Initiating a conversation.
  • Reading other chats within the same thread.
  • Deleting chats.
  • Adding or removing other users from the chat.

The platform permissions for the role would be set as follows:

example of platform permissions setup

Below is the platform permissions setup for the aforementioned scenario:

  • Conversation is the entity to which the role is granted access.
  • The operational permissions or access levels include:
    • Read: With Own scope.
    • Delete: With Own scope.
    • Create: With Own scope.
    • Update: With Own scope.