ROQ provides a complete and secure authentication and user management solution that you can easily integrate into your application.

  • Customizable user login and registration
  • Full multi-tenancy support (e.g., creation of new organizations during signup)
  • Secure session handling for your application
  • Social sign-in with Google, Github, or Facebook
  • User invites
  • 360-degree view of all user data

Video tutorial

Our VPE, Praveen Koka, shows how to integrate ROQ's authentication into your Next.js application: 🎬 Video tutorial

How it works.

ROQ's login and session management are based on the OAuth protocol (opens in a new tab). Here is how it works:

  1. The user clicks the "Login" button or is redirected to a login page provided by ROQ.
  2. ROQ prompts the user to log in using username+password or social sign-ins (e.g. Google) and then sends a special token back indicating that the user has granted permission to access your web application.
  3. Using the requireAuth wrapper, you can easily define which pages are only accessible to authenticated users. You

Where to start?

You can integrate ROQ's authentication into your web application by performing a few simple steps, described in the Integation Guide.

Feature overview

ROQ's authentication system

You can improve your solution by: