Registration Form

Registration Form

It is easy to configure and customize the managed login and registration pages. To make changes login to the ROQ Console and navigate to Authentication or here (opens in a new tab).

In the Authentication page, navigate to Configuration. On this page, you can configure the registration form.

The default registration form has these configurations:

  • Email: Text input where the user should input the email for registration or login.

  • Password: Password for registration or login.

  • Terms and Conditions Link: Link for Terms and Conditions.

  • Privacy Policy Link: Link for Privacy Policy.


You can preview the registration or login form by clicking the Preview button.

Registration or Login preview form

There are other settings that you may need:

  • Sign-in options: Enable this if you need an email confirmation after the user sign-up.

  • Default Roles: The default roles for the user after sign-up.

  • Multitenancy: Selected tenant creation during registration.