ROQ is a suite that improves the creation and operation of business-critical web applications. The starting point of a new project shall be a running - individually deployed - web application, that can subsequently be customized in design, business logic, and integrations. Aside from major speed and cost advantages, having a running system at all times is a major booster in productivity and significantly de-risks each and every project.

Hence, ROQ covers the three typical challenges that need to be solved when building a web application:

  1. Common functionalities. See full list here: Feature overview

  2. Web user interface

  3. Cloud infrastructure

If you want to try it out right now then go here: Local installation guide

Bird’s eye view

ROQ is a suite that improves the creation and operation of business-critical web applications. ROQ contains of three main technologies: ROQ One, ROQ Platform and ROQ Cloud.

The following diagram shows how these three main technologies play together:


A fully functional and customizable open source kickstarter application with a beautiful user interface. ROQ One serves as a framework and kickstarter for individual projects. It is pre-integrated with ROQ Platform and its features. ROQ One consists of a React-based “frontend” and a Node.js based “backend. Using Typescript as a single programming language facilitates the pattern of full stack engineering. The development process can be further accelerated using our powerful code generator that enables you to create a fully working GraphQL API including demo data in a very short amount of time. You can read more about ROQ One here: Introduction to ROQ One

ROQ Platform

A headless Feature-as-a-Service (FaaS) that provides a large set of features that every web-application always needs; examples are mails, notifications, search, file-handling etc. All these features can be adapted to your use cases in the admin interface ROQ Console.

ROQ Cloud

BETA State-of-the-art infrastructure setup that perfectly fits ROQ One. You’ll get a high-end, scalable environment from day one without any hassle.

Understand how to build a web application with ROQ Suite

ROQ Suite provides solutions for most common (and time consuming) challenges that typically appear when you build a web application. However, each project is different and has different needs. The following decision graph may help out here.

Our main technology ROQ Platform is a headless Feature-as-a-Service system that can be integrated with any technologies, not only ROQ One. So it’s 100% up to you to decide if it fits your project requirements or if you prefer to build own web application based on another framework.

If you are interested to learn how a typical project looks like when using ROQ Suite then continue here: How to build a web application with ROQ!