ROQ Suite ships with multiple common features that you’ll probably need to implement your own web application. Instead of wasting your time and money to re-invent these wheels over and over again, you can simply build on top of ROQ Suite and start on a much higher level. This page should give you an overview of what’s possible with ROQ Suite.

User management

The main entity of the “user” is persisted in ROQ One so that the ownership of the data and the surrounding project-specific data-models are always owned by our customers. The user data can be synced to ROQ Platform, so that it can be used by other functionalities (e.g. use the user’s first name in an email).

  • Use secure user authentication for your application

  • Registration incl. Double-opt-In & configurable password standards

  • Registration per Single-sign-on (SSO) via Google, LinkedIn or Apple

  • User login/logout incl. password reset

  • Manage your users and let them manage their details

  • User invitation & deletion

  • User profile incl. avatar & reset password

ℹ Documentation: User management

User groups

In most web applications users are grouped. The grouping itself is very specific to the individual use case, that’s why ROQ doesn’t ship with any opinionated user groups like “team” or “organization”. Instead it enables our customers to model their own data model using regular relations in the Postgres database. Based on this structure ROQ Platform is able to synchronize the user groups and to act on it. 

  • Set roles and permissions based on user groups

  • Notify a group of users

  • Send an email to a group of users

ℹ Documentation: User groups


  • Users can chose to get notifications in app or per mail

  • In-app notifications - when using ROQ One

  • E-mail notifications

  • Define notification preferences per user

ℹ Documentation: Notifications

File handling

  • Upload of a single or multiple files

  • Downloads

  • Public and private files

  • Define which file types & sizes you allow to upload

  • Custom file categories

  • Supported file-types: Media Types 

ℹ Documentation: File management

Localization / multi-languages

  • Offer your application in multiple locales

  • Users can define preferred language

  • Language switcher

  • All textual content can be translated in ROQ’s admin user interface (console)

  • URLs can be translated, e.g. /de/einstellungen

ℹ Documentation: Translations


  • User related Mails e.g. password reset and notifications mails are sent with pre-integrated 3rd party provider SendGrid

  • Customers use their own SendGrid account

ℹ Documentation:

Message center (chats)

  • Start a conversation with a user or a group

  • Rename and archive conversations

  • Show message status

  • Edit messages

Chat system

Upcoming: Search engine

This feature is in development at the moment

  • Powerful search engine based on Elasticsearch

  • Data from different entities can be aggregated into a single record

  • Usage of stop words and stemming

Upcoming: Subscription engine

This feature is in development at the moment

  • Configurator that enables our customers to create advanced plans with several pricing models, like initial fix price, flat rate, price per user and price per unit

  • Support of volume and tier pricing 

  • Free tiers

  • Chunk prices (e.g. price per 100 units)

  • Pre- and post payment

  • Integration of a payment provider

  • Creation of invoices