ROQ One is fully localizable. This means all texts and URLs that appear on the website can be translated into any language.

How to adjust locales

Configuration in ROQ One

Out of the box, ROQ One is configured using two locales: en-US and de-DE. You can easily adopt this to your needs with just a few simple steps. The locales are configured in this file:


There you can add a new locale or remove an existing locale. You can also define the "default" locale and change other related settings like the mapping of locales:

localeMapping: {
  en: 'en-US',
  de: 'de-DE',

This mapping is used for URLs to avoid using the full name of a locale. So a URL that is using /en is actually using the en-US locale.

Translating routes (URLs)

All routes of ROQ One can be localized. You find the translations in this directory:


Add locale in the Console

To be able to translate content you'll need to add the locale in the Console here: ➚ (make sure to select the right project and environment).

Add translated content

Before you can launch your web application with a new locale, you need to add new translated values here:

To do this, please login to the ➚Console or adjust the seed data, see