Installation Guides

Installation Guides

ROQ works well new and existing web applications. We hope, that the following picture will help you to start your jouney with ROQ.


ROQ's KickstarterBasic SetupAuthentication Integration Guide

Start a new application

In case you plan to implement a new SaaS application, we have something for you. You can build on top of our open-source Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter provides a lightweight architecture based on React and Next.js. In addition, all of ROQ's features are already pre-integrated, which means you can start with a fully-functional application and progress rapidly. We are sure your engineers will love it. You can find it on Github. The local installation takes only a few moments. For seamless deployments, we recommend using Vercel.

Integration into an existing application

You can easily level up your existing SaaS application by adding all or some of ROQ's features. For instance, it's up to you to decide whether to use ROQ's secure authentication system (logins, signup, user invites, etc.) or to keep your existing solution.

Integrating ROQ is simple and can usually be done by an engineer in less than one day. Please follow one of our integration guides: