Getting Started

Getting Started Checklist

ROQ enables you to generate an entire SaaS application. Here you can see the entire user journey from the start using the AI Assistant (opens in a new tab) until the launch of your application.

Use ROQ's AI Assistant

You start your journey by using the AI Assistant (opens in a new tab) that enables you to describe your scenario, define user roles and select additional features.

Get access to your generated application

The app generation usually takes around 15 minutes (see how it works). When it's done, you get an email with a link to your new application deployed to Vercel. You are also invited to the ROQ Console (opens in a new tab), where you can manage your users and fine-tune all configurations.

Now it's time to give your new application a test run! If you are satisfied with the results, proceed here; otherwise, you can re-generate your application and give it another try. AI isn't deterministic, meaning every run will result in a slightly different result.

→️ Application Guide

Install locally and continue development

In the initial email, you will find a link to the project's source code on GitHub. If you decide to continue your project, you can clone the code and install the application locally. The application ships with a file, which explains how to run it locally. Almost the same way, you can install the application on a provider like Vercel.

We recommend logging in to ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) and creating a new environment so that you are not using the same environment as the deployed application, which can result in side effects, e.g., when you change the application's URL.

Before coding, look at the list of used technologies. Have fun!


Before you publish your application, it's essential to create a "production" environment in ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) and use these environment variables.