Installation Guides

Kickstarter for new projects

The open-source Kickstarter is the perfect starting point for your next project! It fully integrates with all of ROQ's features. Therefore, you don't need to care about logins, social sign-ins, registration, invites, notifications, etc.

The Kickstarter ships with documented clean code. The styling is based on a single CSS file, so you can choose whatever CSS-library you prefer.

Video introduction


Our Director of Product, Irakli Bochorishvili, presents the Kickstarter and also shows how to install it locally.


Local installation

Clone the repository

git clone

Add credentials

  1. Login to ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) and go to Project DetailsSettings.
  2. Then add your base URL (usually it's http://localhost:3000/) and press the Save button (top right).
  3. When this is done, you can press the Copy Env File button and copy the entire output.
  4. Create a new file called .env in the root of your project and paste the content in.

Install dependencies

npm install

Start the application

Switch to the new directory cd roq-kickstarter-nextjs and start the application. Your app should be running at http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) by default.

npm run dev