Transactional Mails

Transactional Mails


ROQ provides a unified way to send emails utilizing multiple providers like Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, and others. The email functionality is used by other features of ROQ, for instance confirming new user accounts.

This page describes how to send emails to someone using an email address. Please keep in mind that users cannot unsubscribe from transactional emails, and they are sent even when the user didn't confirm the email. If you want to notify a user instead, use ROQ's notification feature.

How to send emails

To send emails via ROQ's API, you need to perform these steps:

1. Configure email provider

Make sure that an email provider is connected and activated. You find a list of all integrations in ROQ Console (opens in a new tab).

2. Create email template

Create a new email template and define a unique key. Then you can enter the content of the emails for each activated locale. You can use placeholders for any content you submit in the data parameter of the sendMail API.

Hi {{firstName}}!

3. Send emails via API

Emails are sent using the sendMail API. You need to use the same key which you set to the email type.