Activate Multi-tenancy

Activate Multi-Tenancy

The generated application has the multi-tenancy feature enabled by default, and the default multi-tenancy name is Organization.

Default Multi-Tenancy

You can rename the default multi-tenancy by modifying the Set name for your tenants field according to your business requirements. For example, a multi-tenancy called AntWorld can have several tenants, such as AntSpec, AntVideos, and Organization.

Rename Multi-Tenancy

How To Add A Tenant

To introduce a new tenant into your organization, you need to create a new tenant account.

You can create tenant programmatically using Multi-tenancy API or create it in the generated application.


By default, selecting Create Account on the application homepage will register a new tenant (organization). The tenant creation behaviour during registration can be configured in AuthenticationConfiguration application console.

multi-tenant registration console

Depends on the multi-tenant configuration, you can name this tenant anything that aligns with your business needs or you can rename it later. For example add Ant Discussion, a place for a community discussion.

tenant registration

If you navigate to the Users & Access section in the ROQ Console, you will see the newly added tenant, Ant Discussion, in the tenant list.

new tenant added to the tenant list