ROQ's notification system allows you to reach your users or user groups through various channels:

  • In-app notifications: These are loaded in real-time, using a socket connection directly from your web app.
  • Traditional e-mails: Deliver messages straight to the users' inbox.
  • SMS or push messages: Send notifications directly to your users' mobile phones.

Users can customize their preferences for each type of notification. For example, they can choose to receive alerts through push messages while getting product updates via e-mail or SMS.

Notification API

The notification API enables you to notify users of our application. Check out the documentation here.

UI Components

ROQ provides multiple Notification UI components which can be integrated into your application. See the documentation here.


How to Add a New Notification

To add a new notification in the ROQ-generated application, check out the documentation here.

How to Trigger a Notification

Triggering or testing a notification can be done via a GraphQL API query. Go here for the details.