Release Notes

ROQ Release Log

Release highlightsDate
Introducing the New "Edit Data Model" Feature!2023/08/14
Exciting New Update: Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)2023/08/10
File upload feature added to the generated apps!2023/08/01
Generated App UI & UX Improvements2023/07/21
New Release Updates & Bug Fixes: Authentication Improvements, Chat and UI Component Locale Bug Fixes2023/07/21
Introducing Console Onboarding2023/07/20
Improved Onboarding and Page Descriptions: Enhancing User Experience and Application Understanding2023/07/13
AI Assistant Progress Bar: Enhancing Transparency in the Generation Process2023/07/11
Fixes for environment synchronization and enhanced reliability in app generation with queue improvements2023/07/10
Demo Data in Generated Apps, Pre-Flight Check & UI Enhancements!2023/07/07
Project Access Management 2023/06/13
Webhooks and other improvements 2023/06/06
Jupiter instance of ROQ Platform2023/03/29
Authenticaton and multi-tenancy improvements2023/06/24