Release Notes

Release Notes R002


Released: 29 March 2023


  • We migrated ROQ Platform to a more advanced hosting setup based on Kubernetes. Everything is running on Scaleway (opens in a new tab). The servers are located in Paris. This instance is called "Jupiter". Existing projects will be migrated by us during the next days. New projects are always using it.
  • We also fixed some bugs related the the Chat UI components.

Release instructions


Don't update your project to the 1.0.0 versions of the NPM libraries as long as your project wasn't migrated to the Jupiter instance.

LibraryPurposeNew VersionMigration
@roq/ui-react (opens in a new tab)UI Components for React1.0.0none
@roq/nextjs (opens in a new tab)UI Components and SDK for Next.js1.0.0none


npm install "@roq/nextjs@^1.0.0" --save


yarn upgrade "@roq/nextjs@^1.0.0"