Release Notes

Demo Data in Generated Apps, Pre-Flight Check & UI Enhancements!

📊 Adding Demo Data to Your Generated Application

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to the generated apps! Now, when you generate your applications, they will include demo data, providing a complete and engaging experience. The demo data allows you to visualize the potential of your applications right from the start, saving time and inspiring creativity. Currently, the demo data consists of lorem ipsum, but soon we will be adding context-specific demo data tailored to your application.

You also have the flexibility to remove the demo data from the database as needed.

appointments screeshot

✈️ Pre-Flight Checks in the AI Assistant

We have implemented pre-flight checks in the AI Assistant to enhance your experience. After you write your initial prompt, we evaluate it to ensure that your requirements align with what ROQ can offer. We guide on the missing parts that you need to add to your application to realize it fully.

promp evaluation screenshot

  1. We check for fit, considering anything above 70% as a high fit. Finally, we offer suggestions on what needs to be implemented to complete your product.

summary screenshot

  1. We then show you a detailed evaluation, highlighting the generated parts of your application.

generated part screenshot

  1. Finally, we offer suggestions on what needs to be implemented to complete your product.

what dev should screenshot

In the end, you have 2 choices:

  1. Continue with the evaluated app.
  2. Change the description of your application if you believe a new score will be better or if you are not satisfied with the evaluation.

🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements! 🛠

We've squashed bugs and improved our AI Assistant based on your valuable feedback. Enjoy a smoother experience! We believe that these improvements will enhance your experience using the ROQ AI Assistant and assist you in generating amazing web applications. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to ask any questions in our Slack community

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