Release Notes

📢 AI Assistant Progress Bar: Enhancing Transparency in the Generation Process

With our latest release, we have implemented a dynamic Progress Bar that provides real-time updates on the application generation progress, offering you greater transparency and insight into the process.

Our primary goal in developing this feature is to ensure transparency and keep you informed about how our app generation works.

Key Features and Benefits:

release env sync

Real-time Status: The Progress Bar will provide you with live updates on the generation process. You will be able to see the current status of your application generation, allowing you to track the progress effortlessly.

📊 Transparency and Overview: It will give you insights into different stages of app creation, such as data processing, optimization, and finalization. You will have a clear understanding of the steps involved in generating your app.

Time Estimation: The Progress Bar will also provide an estimated time remaining for the generation process to complete.

📧 Email Notification: Once the app generation is successfully completed, you will receive an email notification containing a direct link to your application. This streamlined communication ensures that you can access your app effortlessly and start utilizing it right away.

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