Release Notes

📢 Improved Onboarding and Page Descriptions: Enhancing User Experience and Application Understanding 🚀

We are excited to announce two new improvements that have been delivered for generated applications. These enhancements are designed to provide a better user experience and improve understanding of the application's interface and functionality.

1️⃣ Enhanced Onboarding Tooltips:

✨ We have listened to your feedback and made significant improvements to the onboarding tooltips in the generated application. These tooltips now provide clearer explanations of the interface and functionality, ensuring that you can quickly grasp how to navigate and utilize the app's features effectively. ✨ Whether you are a new user or a returning one, the enhanced tooltips will guide you through the application, making your experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

2️⃣ Textual Descriptions for Each Page:

📝 To further enhance your understanding of the generated application, we have added textual descriptions for each page. These descriptions provide valuable information on what actions you, as a user with specific role permissions, can perform on that particular page. 📝 By explaining the capabilities and functionalities available on each page, you can navigate through the application with confidence, knowing exactly what you can accomplish. 📝 This feature also highlights the powerful under-the-hood functionalities we have incorporated, such as secure Access Management. 📝 With ROQ, you not only get full CRUD functionality, but also robust Access Management rules that dynamically apply to functionality based on your role.


These improvements aim to make your experience with the generated application more transparent, empowering you to utilize its capabilities to the fullest. We believe that the combination of improved onboarding tooltips and textual page descriptions will provide you with a clear understanding of the application's features, resulting in a more productive and efficient workflow.

Experience these enhancements and explore the power of ROQ by generating your own app at 🚀💡