Release Notes

📢 New Release Updates & Bug Fixes: Authentication Improvements, Chat and UI Component Locale Bug Fixes

Authentication Improvements

Update Auth SDK to Support More Languages

Now you can customize the login and registration form in languages other than English and German.

login locale 1

Fix Cookies Problem

The issue fixed here is that right after a user logs in (or authenticates), the cookie isn't available immediately in getServerSideProps, it's only available after the page is reloaded. This behavior might cause issues, especially if the application's logic requires that the cookie be immediately available upon successful authentication.

Implement Function to Generate a Session Cookie

This update adds a helper function in ROQ Next.js to generate session cookies. Session cookie is used to identify and track a user during a browsing session. They are used for user identification, maintaining user state, and session management.

Merge Accounts

Users now have the capability to seamlessly merge accounts from existing email registration and single sign-on providers, such as Google.

merge account

Fix Input Fields Background Color

The input field's background color of the login or registration form now uses the color from Input Fields Background Color setting.

Form input background color fix

Update Avatar URL on Query User Profile

With this release, you can return the avatar URL when you query the user profile. This update is specific to our Node.js SDK and another update is if you fetch files as a user, now will return nested avatar URLs also.

Improve The Execution Times of The Login Page

The browser response has been significantly enhanced, with the current load time ranging from 700 - 900ms. This represents a 40% improvement compared to the previous load time of 1.2s - 1.5s.

Fix Chat Bug

This release addresses the issue with the chat loading and ensures its proper functionality. The chat is now operating as intended.

fix chat

Fix ROQ's UI Component Locale Display Bug

This release also fixes ROQ's UI component when displaying custom translations. Now, the custom translations are instantaneously applied without any disruption or delay, and users will no longer encounter the display of translation keys.

Please update the package @roq/nextjs to 0.1.14 version. This package includes a bug fix of chat loading & new translationsDefault props added to fix the display bug.