Release Notes

📢 RELEASE UPDATE: Exciting New Update: Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)!🚀

We're excited to unveil a brand new authentication security enhancement, One-Time Passcode (OTP) Multi-Factor Authentication !! Our new OTP MFA feature is designed to provide you with an additional layer of protection.

Getting Started:

  • Enabling OTP MFA is a breeze: (make sure MFA is enabled from the console app for authentication)
  • Log in to your account or Signup to account
  • Follow the MFA screen to set up your preferred OTP delivery method.

Quick-Step To Enable MFA From the Console:

  • Enable the MFA flag from Console Authentication > Configuration


  • Now when user will attempt to register or log in, they will be asked to enter their cell phone number to receive OTP and continue. As per the steps shown below:

Step-1: Enter your Number to receive OTP


Step-2: Enter OTP (You can also change the number in case you have entered the wrong using "Change Your Number")


Step-3: You can copy the Recovery code (this will help in case you don't have access to the device for OTP)


All Set!! Now you have completed the MFA setup and you just need to enter OTP when you log in next time.

Note: Anytime user will be able to mark MFA turn off to disable the MFA security layer.

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