Create Custom Translation Keys

How to Create Custom Translation Keys

Add Translation Keys

Adding a translation key is very easy, in the ROQ Console, go to the Keys menu and then click the + Create key button. You should fill in the Key and the Translate Default Locale values.

For instance, create a new translation key with the translate locale value is Region.

Add new key

After the translation key is created, the new key will be placed on the first row of the translation keys list hence it will be easier to find. The new key will be available for all other locales, which means you can translate this key value to other languages.


The translation key is unique so you cannot add the same key.

Edit Translations Keys

You can edit the translation by using the Controls edit button on the list. Within this translation editor, you can also edit the translation for another language, such as German, Germany (de-DE), etc.

To check the status of a specific translated language, you can choose the locale from the Select Locale dropdown and then sort it by Status.

For example, to sort untranslated keys for the German, Germany (de-DE) language, you can select Untranslated status.

Sort untranslated key

Changes will be shown in the UI components after a few minutes because of the browser's caching system.

Delete Translations Keys

Deleting translation keys is not recommended. We do not know if the keys are used or not by the application code hence it will have a runtime effect on the application but if you must delete a key then make sure the key is not being used in the application.


To delete a translation key, click the Trash icon from the Available Keys list.