User Groups

User Groups


We usually interpret a user group as precisely what the name says: “a group of users”. For example, you may want to group users by their home country or any other characteristic.

User groups are used for notifications. Instead of listing all users, you can set one or multiple groups of users.

Manage User Groups

You can manage user groups via ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) or createUserGroup() API. A user group has a name (e.g. “The Mavericks” or “The Gourmet Kitchen”). In addition, you can define a project-specific reference that enables you to fetch user groups using your identifier.

Add and Remove Users

You can add and remove users from a user group in ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) or use the addUsersToUserGroup() API. Group memberships are also shown for each user in the console.


You can access information about the User Groups API by clicking on this link.


The tutorials section includes guides on sending emails and notifications to user groups. The send email to groups tutorial explains selecting a group and using the relevant API. The send notification to user groups tutorial teaches how to send notifications to a user group via the Notification API.